speaking service1From Indiana Jones to Mother Teresa

The Surprising Secret Side of Your Target Physicians Revealed When You Learn Their Archetypes

What archetypes best describe your target physicians? Years of research by Dr. Livingston, including the administering to thousands of physicians of the MBTI (a questionnaire which sorts personalities according to four vital personality differences that indicate personal preferences), indicate that each medical specialty has its own predominant archetype. Cardiac surgeons, for example, are the "Indiana Joneses" of the medical world because they are more about rescue and less about relationships. Nephrologists, on the other hand, are the "Mother Teresas" of healers because they are inordinately compassionate and as a rule take a lot of time with their patients. Dr. Livingston teaches audiences the archetypes of typical target physicians. Armed with this knowledge, participants know what these targets need to hear and can frame their marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Conquering the Creativity Crisis

speaking service2Whether you're naming a new product, looking for a powerful advertising approach, slogan or logo, trying to solve a challenge or searching for new ways to get potential customers to buy, you'll be far above the fray if you know how to access your own creativity and the creativity of those on your team. Dr. Livingston has taught creativity to major U.S. corporations and is responsible for helping create trade names, including Nextel and Teddy Grahams, out of name ideation sessions. While "creative" individuals are often given the assignment (and pressure) of developing new concepts, research shows that dramatically more and better ideas result from resourceful team work. For successful innovations, the marketing team must access its creative process. In this case the whole is substantially greater than the sum of its parts. This program provides audiences with a step-by-step guide to bringing out the creativity buried deep inside every team member's psyche via lighthearted techniques that put participants in a relaxed yet energized frame of mind. Dr. Livingston demonstrates how to stimulate each participant's five senses to exponentially increase the number and quality of compelling ideas and solutions. This is a terrific topic for people in all areas of business.

Uncovering the Unspoken Reasons People Really Buy - or Don't Buy Your Product

speaking service3People believe they're making rational decisions about purchasing decisions when in fact they choose based on their unconscious emotional reactions to a brand. That's why asking someone why they buy a certain product or prescribe a certain medication won't work. A doctor, for example, doesn't want to be seen as being influenced by his opinion that one drug with a powerful brand imagery appeals to his "macho" side ("It wouldn't be rational"). A consumer won't admit that buying a particular expensive perfume makes her feel superior. ("That would be snobby"). A brand has a personality and isn't "just" a product but is instead a relationship between an idea and a person who subscribes to that idea. Dr. Livingston teaches techniques developed and refined over a half century of psychological testing that penetrate the roadblock of "rational decisions" to get to the nitty-gritty of purchasing behavior. She demonstrates various "games" and playful activities that relax subjects and yield information unobtainable any other way. She also demonstrates how logos, packaging and advertising can be designed to project a specific brand image to appeal to the type of consumer considered the most likely to buy by more fully understanding the drivers at work prompting their purchasing. She also shows audiences how to determine if the image they think their brand has truly is that image - and how to find out the true image each team member has of their product.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs: Identifying the Seven Personality Types of Group Participants

speaking service4Anyone who has ever run a meeting knows that dealing with the various personalities in the group can be a challenge. In an intriguing and lighthearted way, Dr. Livingston identifies seven personalities - each named after a Dwarf from the Snow White story - frequently found in groups. She entertains and informs audiences about how each of these personalities can destroy the cohesion and creativity of a group or be harnessed to positively impact the group's dynamics. "Happy" is so cooperative that he (or she) agrees with everything the leader says without contributing anything new. "Doc" is a know-it-all who wants to monopolize the meeting and steamroll anyone who gets in the way. And "Bashful" is so insecure he (or she) remains tight-lipped and unwilling to share key ideas that might lead to solutions. By identifying these personalities early on, the leader can deflect the negatives and encourage the positives through subtle body language cues and well-timed comments. The end result is a meeting that was well worth the time and effort and a team of people who feel valued.

Insight Mining Tips To Help You Strike Gold

speaking service5Insight mining is the latest approach in marketing research for finding the "nugget" - that formerly unexpressed, unrecognized driver or motivation that leads a consumer to purchase or a physician to prescribe. The most sophisticated insight mining utilizes projective techniques adapted from psychology and sociology designed to delve deeply into respondents' unconscious. The result - discovering precious hidden gems of knowledge lurking beneath the surface that can propel your business to new heights. Dr. Livingston explains how to use projective techniques to better get to know your target market, your customers or potential customers, how to obtain a fresh perspective on your products, uncover the drivers and motivators necessary to create the strongest brands possible and communicate messages that will resonate with your target customers. She teaches audiences how to "crack the code" to your customer's mind so you know exactly how to market your product for maximum impact. Dr. Livingston is especially revealing about how to encourage physicians to throw off their intellectual mantles and settle back into a fantasy place in their minds to reveal to you not just what they really think but what they really feel.

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