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Dr. Sharon Livingston is an accomplished public speaker who has appeared on radio and TV and addressed hundreds of professional groups over the course of her career, ranging from small conferences to large events where she served as the keynote speaker.

Her dynamic personality, sense of fun and creative use of concepts and visuals result in lively presentations that keep audiences both interested and entertained.

Dr. Livingston possesses a broad range of expertise in the areas of both market research and business. For many years she has served as The Livingston Group's President. She is also the director of The Livingston Institute for Marketing Research Education, her own market research training facility. This unique combination of experience provides her with a banquet of topics appropriate for both market researchers and people in general business who want to know more about market research or more about such universal issues as fostering team cooperation and creativity and running a successful meeting.

Although Dr. Livingston will tailor her presentation to your particular needs and can speak on a large number of topics, here are some of the more popular topics she has presented recently.

Contact Information

Phone: 646-600-6566

email: The Livingston Group for Marketing

The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc.
347 W 57th St., Suite 25C, NY, NY 10019

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