The Livingston Group is staffed by highly trained clinical and research psychologists and statisticians. As such, we have developed several important techniques for removing social desirability and self-report biases and more fully understanding purchase motivation. The net effect of our techniques is usually a more accurate read on what respondents will really do in the market place, as opposed to learning what they say they will do! We are additionally able to discern emotional end benefits. (the true reasons people buy: they think it will make them sexy, more lovable, feel smart, see themselves as a good parent).

Special Techniques are Required to Unearth Emotional Benefits and to Understand How They Are Linked to the Functional Features and the Overall Image of Your Brand

While the importance of emotional end benefits is clear, it is very tricky to assess via direct questioning techniques. All but the most creative respondents are hard put to provide rich, detailed answers to straightforward questions such as, "If this soda were a person, what kind of person would it be?" or "How does this soda can make you feel about yourself?" (Or even worse "Which color graphic on the can would make you feel like a sexier person when you bought it?").

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