Opening The Door to New Ideas

new product development

Discipline and Inspiration

The Livingston Group's rigorous product development process recruits consumers and internal experts for nurturing ideas and concepts into reality.

The process builds an environment conducive to creative expression.

The Livingston Group Process of Bringing a Concept to Reality:


Fresh Ideas™ uses consumers in the idea-generation process. Fresh Ideas can be tailored to a three-hour session among consumers or a three-day retreat with the client team. A typical three-hour brainstorming session can result in more than 500 new ideas.

Concept Development and Refinement:

We use a disciplined process to develop new product concepts, through an interim product platform step.

The NameWorks®: A patented system for name development.

Market Research:

Groundbreaking techniques based on psychological disciplines - both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Contact Information

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