The first time I took Sharpen the Focus was back in the 1980's when I was head of research at AT&T. I didn't have a thorough qualitative marketing research background and needed to learn as much as I could. I had seen Sharon moderate focus groups and do team building work for my organization at AT&T and was very impressed, so when I found out they were offering Sharpen the Focus, I took it. It was a significant learning experience. The course gave me additional skills I needed to run a market research organization and a greater appreciation of qualitative research. I was so impressed, I had them design a customized version for my staff at AT&T. Subsequently, I also took the advanced course. And, I have recommended it to many others.

Joel Raphael
President, ViewPower, New York City

I attended Sharpen the Focus because I wanted to explore new methods of understanding psychological motivation and widen my range of skills as a moderator. Learning projective techniques was extremely valuable. It provided new insight on how to get people to tap into their creative side on topics that don't normally lend themselves to creativity. The course was definitely a useful addition to my understanding and knowledge about qualitative research. Sharon offers unique value as an instructor because of her academic background and impressive track record with top flight companies. I appreciated having the opportunity to observe Sharon demonstrating her expertise. That was probably the most valuable part, because she is a gifted and compelling moderator.

Janet Larson
moderator, Manhattan

What was excellent about the basic moderating course was learning how to deal with different personalities brought together in the focus group "dynamic." What I enjoyed the most was learning new projective techniques that are designed by Sharon. Her teaching method is open, and you feel very comfortable in the course. It is a helpful course for beginners or for those who are advanced moderators.

Sheeny Syed
Research Manager, McAllister Opinion Research, Vancouver

Sharon is, bar none, the best in the industry. She's head and shoulders above any other moderator. In Sharpen the Focus she teaches about real-world issues with role-play practice for the types of situations that moderators are likely to encounter. That experience is invaluable. Her teaching material is the best I've ever seen, whether it's a workbook or text. Most materials currently on the market are all theory or if they're practical, they're uninspired and miss the psychological objectives. You get information in Sharpen the Focus that you simply cannot get elsewhere.

Liz Crawford
Group Director, Cosmetic Lenses CIBA Vision 

There are a lot of companies offering conventional training, but I was interested in learning about projective techniques and getting to the emotional drivers. I found The Looking Glass on the Web, and was really impressed by what I saw. We had done a lot of work recently in Europe where a lot of unique techniques are used, and we wanted to find training that would go beyond what is conventional. Sharon did just that, and she was fantastic. Her knowledge was helpful and her creativity inspiring. It was thrilling learning their techniques. A minute's exposure to her ideas is worth an hour's exposure to another trainer's ideas. I'd definitely go to another one of her courses, and I've already recommended Sharpen the Focus to several people.

Angus McAllister
President, McAllister Opinion Research, Vancouver

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