Rather than learning in a lecture setting, TLG training operates almost as a focus group. Our experiences were both as moderator and participant. The hands-on approach is really valuable -- it's how to best learn and integrate the information. Given the practice we had, it was very easy to apply the new knowledge. I also enjoyed Sharon's sharing of her expert projective techniques and experiences. It was not only great to see how they can be optimally used, but also how to best analyze. Part of the training revisits TLG's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs -- a proprietary methodology to identify and properly manage the diverse personalities often found in focus groups. It's a great way for any level of moderator to profile and work with individuals to bring out their best contributions. I would recommend this course without question.

Lyn Ciocca
moderator and president, Wellness Resources Consulting

Dear Sharon,

I wanted you to know how thought-provoking and valuable your firm's focus group moderator workshop was for me. When I returned to the office on Thursday I shared all my excitement, enthusiasm and knowledge with my superior the Director of Marketing Research. He was quite impressed with the depth and scope of your three day seminar and felt I had definitely benefited from this experience. We are both anxious to apply these newly acquired skills and techniques.

There were so many indication of a first-class operation the unique environment, the care and concern of all your staff members, the luncheon food, and the professional materials and brochures! Your dynamic personality was reflected in so many ways!

During my 25 years in Marketing Research I have not experienced any training hat imparted as much useful knowledge and gave me the 'high' that this course did.

Thanks so much for providing me with this opportunity

Manager, Marketing Res Services The Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company

I recently took the Sharpen the Focus course in order to learn how to become a great moderator in this competitive field. I came to this course with several years experience as a marriage and family therapist with a focus on communication and group dynamics as well as some marketing research on the client side. Sharon's "incredible talent" and "ease of manner" made learning the material an undaunting and enjoyable experience. Her creativity in presenting the projective techniques as well as the development of The Seven Dwarfs personality types will definitely give me the confidence and edge I was looking for when conducting focus groups.

Darlene Sockin

The Sharpen the Focus training was a fantastic experience. I liked how the course touched on such a wide range of subjects, from the nuts and bolts of focus groups to simple tips for making a group easier to manage, to the use of projective techniques. It gave me a lot to think about. It was a very relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere and all the trainers were very supportive and positive.

Kate Carney
Vice President of Strategic Planning, Doner Advertising, Cleveland, Ohio

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