Sharpen the Focus was a wonderful learning experience, and I found Sharon Livingston's ideas to be psychologically sound. There was a lot of meat about the group process. Dr. Livingston knows a tremendous amount about groups, and she described in detail how a moderator can help people put valuable experiences and sensations into words. Her Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs concept will no doubt fuel moderator research for years to come. She has ingeniously discovered seven basic personality types, which emerge in focus groups. She has captured important archetypes, revealing seven different facets of the modern personality. The point of qualitative research is to get the ineffable put into words, to reveal the benefit of a product in a way that directs the company in its further product design and marketing. Understanding the Dwarf personalities allows a moderator to get at the basic, unstated benefits of a product in a surprising new way. This is a stunning find, and Dr. Livingston shared it freely.

George Bouklas, Ph.D.
psychologist in private practice in East Setauket, New York

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