What I gained from Sharon Livingston's Advanced Moderator Training course was a broader range of projective techniques and a more in-depth understanding of how and when to use them. This additional expertise is what you need to deliver fresh insights to sophisticated clients who have seen many moderators in action. For example, I now am better able to ad-lib a projective line of questioning to explore an unexpected attitude that pops up in a focus group. In my 10 years as a moderator -- and nearly 20 years as a research consultant and former marketing professor -- I have attended a number of seminars and conference presentations that covered projective techniques, and have read various books and articles on qualitative research. Still, most of the content was new and enlightening for me. In fact, a couple of the techniques seemed counterintuitive at first, but we did experiential exercises that demonstrated how they work. Sharon taps her background in clinical psychology, which is, after all, the field that created projective methods. Course participants also benefit from Sharon's extensive experience in applying her behavioral-science expertise to all kinds of marketing problems.

Peter J. DePaulo, Ph.D.
independent qualitative & quantitative research consultant based in suburban Philadelphia, and Associate Editor, Journal of Advertising Research

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