We did a lot of qualitative equity work with The Livingston Group in early concept and advertising development for Evian Affinity, a skin care product which is a line extension of Evian Water. Sharon's work is very creative, and she produces a lot of insight with her projective techniques. With her expert knowledge and psychological background she skillfully interprets the information she uncovers, giving meaning to the subconscious associations consumers have and helping us understand the equity. I've always been very happy with the results of her work.

Jurgen Fey,
Vice President Marketing Research, Johnson & Johnson

When you work with The Livingston Group, Sharon's vast background and experience put you way up the learning curve. Chances are, whatever your industry, she's familiar with it and already worked with a company in that field.

Liz Crawford,
Group Director, Cosmetic Lenses CIBA Vision


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