Sharon Livingston


Greatest Pleasure in doing job:

Playing detective. Having the opportunity to talk to all kinds of people and ask them intriguing questions. Being rewarded for my ingenuity and creativity in doing so. To boldly go where no marketer has dared before. Then figuring out what's really happening in the mind of the target and our clients. Matching opportunities and needs so everyone benefits.

Brief Work/Education History (major/key milestones)

Dr. Livingston and her staff specialize in all phases of motivational research, brand imagery and creative ideation applied to marketing. Articles either about or by Dr. Livingston have appeared in:


The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily News, Newsday, The New York Post, Advertising and Communication Times, The American Bar Association Journal, Delta Sky, American Demographics, Beverage World, U.S. News and World Report, Marketing News, Communication World, Adweek, and Winners.

Her work has been referenced in "The Group Depth Interview," a book published by Prentice-Hall, and "Beyond Mind Games" a book published by American Demographics.

She has also addressed gatherings as "key note" speaker for the American Marketing Association, QRCA, the Professional Marketing Research Society of Canada, The Advertising Research Foundation and the Sales Executive Clubs as well as given speeches to many other marketing audiences. She has appeared on a number of radio and TV talk shows.

Dr. Livingston holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has had extensive training in creative ideation procedures, group dynamics, applied psychological techniques, and projective methods. Her dissertation proved that a photo-sort successfully predicted scores on the Myers Brigg Personality Inventory. She is a founding member of QRCA - the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, a member of the Qualitative Research Council of the Advertising Research Foundation, the American Marketing Association, the American Academy of Counselors and the National Association of Female Executives.

Interests Outside of Work

Spending time with my husband - reading books together and discussing them; being entertained by our pets. Stewie the ShihTzu and Zach the adorable Mutt; going to the movies; hiking mountains whenever we can, playing Balderdash with a group of people. I'm a frustrated comedienne, so I love to make my friends laugh. I like to create - paint, sculpt, design things. I have a lot of energy that I expend at the gym if we can't get to a challenging hike. I have a hungry curiosity about life, and delight in asking, "why?"

Contact Information

Phone: 646-600-6566

email: The Livingston Group for Marketing

The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc.
347 W 57th St., Suite 25C, NY, NY 10019

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