Sharon Livingston


Greatest Pleasure in doing job:

Playing detective. Having the opportunity to talk to all kinds of people and ask them intriguing questions. Being rewarded for my ingenuity and creativity in doing so. To boldly go where no marketer has dared before. Then figuring out what's really happening in the mind of the target and our clients. Matching opportunities and needs so everyone benefits.

Brief Work/Education History (major/key milestones)

Dr. Livingston and her staff specialize in all phases of motivational research, brand imagery and creative ideation applied to marketing. Articles either about or by Dr. Livingston have appeared in:

TLG Certified Moderator

joel raphael

Previous Job History:

Joel's career spans over 25 years. He became the Director of Market Research at AT&T in 1984, where he headed an organization which performed hundreds of studies annually. He directed and executed studies influencing regulatory policies, determining new offerings, market segments, advertising programs, pricing and competitor issues. Joel was also responsible for all of the customer satisfaction measurements collected for consumer and business service business units.

Contact Information

Phone: 646-600-6566

email: The Livingston Group for Marketing

The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc.
347 W 57th St., Suite 25C, NY, NY 10019

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