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The Livingston Group's expert staff uses tested psychological methods that:

  • Uncover psychological "hooks" for products, and emotional hot buttons in categories
  • Explore product and concept fit against consumer needs and desires
  • Identify brand decision-making influences and processes
  • Reveal relationships with products and brands currently in market

By Dr. Sharon Livingston

I don't know if you happened to see an invitation from Peter Houlahan of Focus Vision. He will be moderating a panel at the upcoming ARF conference on remote moderating. I will be one of the panel members and wanted to invite you to attend.

I will actually be making a presentation on InterFace™ our quantitative instrument for measuring emotional values, just before the Focus Vision session. So you could catch us both on Thursday morning. And of course come visit us at our booth on the second level to say, "Hi!" We would all love to meet people who have been reading the newsletter and sending us such nice comments.

By Ben Mack Research
Atlanta, GA · Ben Mack Research

And Sharon Livingston, Ph.D.
Londonderry, NH · Sharon Livingston

Want a participant to keep talking? Then probe in the language of his or her sensory modality.

Focus group participants are often inspired to articulate themselves more fully and accurately than they could have alone. Any moderator worth his or her salt does this daily, without consciously using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. Many focus group moderators instinctually mirror a participant's representational system when asking a follow-up question or eliciting greater depth from a projective exercise.

Want a participant to keep talking? Then probe in the language of his or her sensory modality.

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