Actionable recommendations are the only ones that count.

Applying the learning to your brand and the marketplace is where it all happens. Make fresh, bold moves on the market using our recommendations as a guide. Insights and implications keep your brand a step ahead of the competition.

Our recommendations address a range of marketing issues:

  • Advertising communication goals
  • Product naming
  • Product attribute naming
  • Packaging communications
  • R&D strategic direction
  • Potential target audiences

Telling the Brand & Category Story

Insightful analysis brings out the value of great research.

Interpreting the data is integral to making informed business decisions. We transform data into meaningful information. The Livingston Group brings 20 years of experience in over 100 product and service categories.

team-work (têm-wûrk’) noun
Cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal.

The partnership between The Livingston Group and its clients taps the experience and perspectives of each. This team-oriented approach builds on our individual strengths to achieve optimal results.

Analysis Technique:

  • Distillation & interpretation of research results
  • Progressive discussion and teamwork with client Results:
    • Clear understanding of the brand and its positioning vis-á-vis the market
    • Bridge between research results and business strategy

Interface™: A Unique Program Linking Emotional to Functional Benefits

Interface™ is the first validated test that allows a company to create ownable and unique brand equity by quantitatively tying product attributes to emotional benefits. This technique points the way to connecting a product to the consumer's heart and mind.

Interface™ discovers and verifies a brand's most compelling emotional benefits, and the strength of their linkage to functional benefits and product signals. And since direct questioning about emotional benefits rarely produces a true read, Interface™ uses a series of pictures that provide a psychological hanger for consumer's feelings.

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