By Dr. Sharon Livingston

You know Murphy’s Law – the idea that whatever can happen, will. Well Murphy’s Law struck again. Literally!

I was on a plane leaving Chicago Wednesday morning. My fourteen pound computer was on my lap. (Don’t ask me why I have such a heavy laptop. Pretty ridiculous I know. And it’s a new model too. Gives me a little extra exercise I guess.) Anyway, Dennis, our very pleasant flight attendant told me he would have to stow it overhead for take off, but would give it back to me once we were allowed to use electronic equipment again. About 20 minutes into the flight, I caught his eye and asked if this would be a good time to get my computer.

 Heightened economic and business concerns over accountability have MR under the gun to improve its performance. Whether by cutting costs or by yielding more direct, actionable insights, or both, clients expect and demand more. Especially pressed on both of these fronts, qualitative practitioners are turning to new technologies and non-traditional, often proprietary methodologies to squeeze more than the usual out of traditional focus groups.

By Dr. Sharon Livingston

Has this ever happened to you?

  1. You arrive at the facility before a long day of one on ones with ob/gyns. It's the third day of four days on the road. You're dragging your wheelie, laptop and attache case with discussion guide and job folder, anxious to plop it all down. You're hair is disheveled, you need to use the rest room, you haven't had breakfast, your still getting over the cabbie who seemed to be "pretending" he didn't know where he was going so it took an extra half hour to find the place, So after you drop everything in the back room, and start the dash to the lavatory, you call out to the hostess, "Do you have a Fed-ex for me?" The agency changed the boards and promised to priority over night them for this morning. She says, "I'll check" and you take your potty/grooming break.

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