By Sharon Livingston, Ph.D.
Londonderry, NH · Sharon Livingston

We hope all of our clients recognize that people buy benefits rather than features.

For example:

  • Time-release (feature) products are purchased because they are long acting (benefit).
  • Clear bottles let us see the purity in color and consistency of waters.
  • Dissolving tablets allow us to take medicine on the go.
  • Roller ball pens write faster.
  • Rubberized handles on scissors provide a sure grip.

By Sharon Livingston, Ph.D.
Londonderry, NH

As seen in 'Connections' - April 2008 Edition, President's Letter,

How's business? While some of us continue to go gangbusters, and a few are busier than ever, others report a very slow start to the year. The recession and corporate fears of what's to come have resulted in a temporary tightening of the purse strings among many clients.

Never fear. Marketing Research always survives and this, too, will pass. If you're worried about what to do in the meantime, here are some proactive approaches to take until the projects start rolling in at the rate you want. They work for me.

An Interview with Dr. Robert Cialdini

By Sharon Livingston , PhD
The Livingston Group for Marketing •
 As seen in "QRCA Views'
Winter 2007 Edition

Recently, I had the pleasure and honor to interview Dr. Robert Cialdini, a W.P. Carey Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Regents’ Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, where he has also been named Distinguished Graduate Research Professor. Dr. Cialdini is the author of Influence, Science and Practice, which has sold over one million copies. It’s an exciting set of principles and suggestions for how we can help our clients take our research insights and convert them into powerful motivators for their customers. I have successfully utilized his ideas in working with my own clients. Let’s hear what Dr. Cialdini has to say, in his own words.

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