By Dr. Sharon Livingston

I had an intriguing dream last night. The same idea repeated itself a number of times throughout the wee hours of the night in different contexts. I'd wake up, fall back asleep and slip into the same theme.

There are some tips that we shared with the class that we would also like to share with those of you who interviews physicians as well as other "Expert" populations -- lawyers, producers, directors, CEO's etc.


One time I was doing an insurance group in New Jersey near where I grew up. Someone in my family had told my parents where I was going to be for some reason (G_d knows why!). Anyway, after the first group I walk into the back to see my clients displaced to the back viewing chairs because my parents, together with my aunt and uncle and a giant tray full of bagels and lox had decided to come and watch the group. They took the front seat, kept on saying (in their little Hungarian accents) - "Oh, that's my darling! How cute she is when she asks that! Oh.... Isn't that hilarious what she said? Can you believe? That's my Shariku!"

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