By Dr. Sharon Livingston

I have a confession to make. You know the saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.” I have to admit I’ve been guilty of not practicing what I preach.

The response to the last newsletter was so enthusiastic that I went back and reviewed it to see what might be helpful to add. In these times, we can all benefit from honing our selling tools. After reviewing “Sharon’s Seven Selling Strategies”, I realized that I had omitted a crucial lesson of which I was painfully reminded when I lost a project shortly after issuing the newsletter.

By Dr. Sharon Livingston

The most gratifying part of training is seeing the people you teach succeed. I wanted to share a cute and rewarding story with you. I had a very rare opportunity to overhear how I had positively influenced one of our research associates. She is now a full consultant in her own successful business.

Jane was visiting us, consulting on a project that needed her particular area of expertise. During a break, she and Carrie Preston, our EVP were chatting over coffee. As I was walking by, I heard her saying, “Whenever I meet a new client, I ask myself what would Sharon do?” This of course caught my attention.

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