Everyone knows there's a critical difference between Brand imagery and User imagery. A brand's personality tells a story about the product. It tells its target market what to expect. It suggests heritage, quality, flavor, status, effectiveness, attractiveness, service, value, when to use it, where to use it, how to use it, etc. Potent brands create rich pictures in the eye of the consumer.

By Dr. Sharon Livingston

During a recent airline flight, I sat beside an advertising account manager who told me about his involvement in a series of brainstorming sessions for a client's foundering paper-matchbook business. In the middle of one such session, the manager's mind wandered to the home gardening he'd been doing the day before. When he refocused on the meeting, he astutely linked the topic of discussion and his daydream about gardening and came up with the ingenious idea for creating seed sticks, packaged and delivered in convenient matchbooks, a product that has since become popular in England and extremely profitable for the company.

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