Please enjoy browsing this collection containing some of Dr. Livingston's many articles and interviews. Sharon has had the opportunity to interface with many influential people throughout her career and has encapsulated some very useful and interesting information.

Here is just one example; an interview with Dr. Robert Caldini in a recent QRCA publication: INFLUENCE REVEALED: an interview with Dr. Robert Caldini

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The Livingston Group for Marketing offers three methods of quantifying emotional purchase drivers:


Interface is a sophisticated picture sorting technique which answers three fundamental questions:

  • What feelings must I create in my customer in order to induce them to purchase?
  • Which of my product's features are most associated with these features?
  • Where does my brand stand now in my customer's emotional world as compared to the competition?

Quantified Projective Imagery - Making Projectives Projectable.

This is a method of quantifying the stories which result from our "Looking Glass" technique as outlined in the qualitative methods section.

MBTI Respondent Research

We have an MBTI-like instrument and a full database of respondents who have been assigned an MBTI type. (See the site for the incentive we provide to consumers to take this test). This database can be used for survey research, or for recruiting focus groups. By examining which MBTI type your concept appeals to most, you can make very specific recommendations in terms of the mood and tone of the advertising you may wish to utilize. (In addition to MBTI type, we have also done extensive research to predict various trends in money management styles, stress management, weight loss preferences, and many others).

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